That Last Incredible over in an Incredible and Nail-biting Tie

February 15, 2012

Courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald

What an incredible finish to this evening’s one-day match at the Adelaide Oval.

Here’s how the 50th over played out, with India needing 9 from the final 6 balls.

Ball 1 – Malinga to Dhoni – 2 runs to long on (equation – 7 runs off 5 balls)
Ball 2 – Malinga to Dhoni – edges into his pad and scampers a single (6 needed off 4 balls)
Ball 3 – Malinga to Kumar – slower ball, tapped to point for a single (5 off 3 balls)
Ball 4 – Malinga to Dhoni – slogged straight to fielder inside circle, Malinga misses run-out chance (4 off 2 balls)
Ball 5 – Malinga to Kumar – RUN OUT – The batsmen ran and Kumar was short. But Dhoni back on strike. (4 from 1) Umesh Yadav comes to the crease to perform his role as a runner.

Ball 6 – Malinga to Dhoni – Good-length ball slashed over extra cover. Fielder did well to stop before it crossed the rope, palmed it back in but the two batsmen easily made three runs.

The two teams seemed a little shell-shocked,


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