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Nagraj Gollapudi on the mystery man Narine

May 27, 2012

Nagraj Gollapudi, in ESPNcricinfo, 26 May 2012

Kieron Pollard remembers the moment clearly. Sitting at his laptop in the middle of the night in Barbados, he was following the IPL player auction in Bangalore. “When his name came up and the price started to rise, I think I was more excited than him. He is one of the guys I have seen come through the ranks in Trindad & Tobago and he has been on the fringes for a long while, and then to get this opportunity to come to the IPL and not only come but come at such a price was very nice,” Pollard says of fellow Trinidadian Sunil Narine, the offspinner. Read the rest of this entry ?


Atherton tweaks the the West Indians chasing moghuls in India … and elsewhere

May 26, 2012

Mike Atherton, in The Times and the Weekend Australian, 26 May 2009, with title Swatting balls in Delhi doesn’t compare to facing up at Lord’s, it’s just Gaylic”

Pic by Getty Images


LET’S call it Gaylic, shall we, the language of the modern, supranational, jet-setting Twenty20 cricketer. It is almost universal now, cricket’s version of Esperanto if you like, and it doesn’t matter whether it is IPL, BPL, Big Bash or the original, the Friends Life t20, the language is the same – cash is the game – and the building blocks of this new language are taken from its founder, the biggest, baddest Twenty20 cricketer in town: Chris Gayle.

Gaylic was being played out over the loudspeakers with deafening effects during the first Test at Lord’s. While his fellow West Indians were fretting about swing, seam and the slope, and other variables that make batting at Lord’s in May such a difficult task, Gayle was freewheeling for the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Every shot he played echoed all the way to Lord’s. Read the rest of this entry ?


West Indies in England — Sammy’s reflections after the First Test

May 23, 2012


Darren Sammy said West Indies continued to show signs of a competitive edge, despite losing the first Test against England by five wickets on Monday at Lord’s here. The West Indies captain said he was “quite pleased” that his side had pushed the World No.1 Test side, but he felt there were areas where his side could tighten up, making them even more ready for action in future battles.
“We were told there were no fifth-day tickets printed,” said Sammy. “. . .But we took the game into the fifth day. The team continued to show the never-say-die attitude which we promised to bring out here in England. And we had some good performances from some of the players. We’ll take these positives into the next Test.” Read the rest of this entry ?


Cricket starts to make noise in the United States

May 23, 2012

Liz Clarke, in The Washington Post, 21 May 2012

With the ear-popping crack of a bat, shouts of “Shabash!” rang out on a recent Sunday afternoon at Silver Spring’s Galway Park. “Shabash!” “Shabash!”  The Urdu word for “excellent,” shabash also is a term among cricket players worldwide — whether from India or Pakistan, England or Australia, Jamaica or Guyana — to cheer on outstanding batting, bowling and fielding, the game’s essential skills.

Among cricket’s stateside adherents, the most pressing goal at the moment is making Americans equally fluent in the world’s second-most popular sport, eclipsed only by soccer. To most Americans, cricket is a puzzlement. Even savvy sports fans know little more than it’s traditionally played in white trousers, involves a flat wooden bat and lots of running back and forth. Fewer still realize it has a rich tradition in the United States; it predates by 140 years the national pastime of baseball, which is cricket’s direct descendant. Read the rest of this entry ?


Satha!! There will be no one like him

May 23, 2012

Richard Dwight, in the Daily News, 12 May 2012

It was on one of those days many years ago, as I stood at the then famous, Fort Chatham Street – that I couldn’t help but keep my eyes focussed on a man, who did seem extraordinary to be special. He was tall, clad in a three quarter long sleeved silken shirt (with half of his shirt collar up) a pair of white trousers and his feet shod, in a pair of moccasins.

Conscious that many were noticing him, he with superior delight and a spring in his step walked into ‘Dianas’. After being there a while, he walked out sprightly in the very same casual but attractive way to enter ‘Chands’ and he left that as well to enter his car. He had his left hand on the wheel, his right elbow on the right window, with cigarette between his fingers, to drive off with a twinkle in his eye – That man was none other, than the one and only ‘Mahadevan Sathasivam,’ who was affectionately known as debonair ‘Satha’

 Satha with Colvin R after being cleared of his murder charge

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Informed Commentary on the DRS in Cricket: CMJ, Tissera, Mahela and Others

May 18, 2012

Michael Roberts

I insert a series of opinions on the working of the DRS system from ex-cricketers and knowledgeable observers, commentary that is spiced at the end by Mahela Jayawardene’s response to questions from Tony Greig at a critical point during the Second Test match versus England in Sri Lanka. The sequence here is as follows


A: A web site reference to my slashing criticism of Indian cricketers and the Indian board for their position on the DRS in cricket, namely, Hegemonic Idiocy: BCCI and Dhoni on the DRS in cricket

B: my “Exploring Reader Opinion, an Addendum” in ……………..which, alas, drew no comment. Read the rest of this entry ?


Mannar Cricket Initiative is taking off

May 11, 2012

This excellent initiative backed by the Mannar Urban Council and Jeremy Liyanage of Australia is set to take off — again. It has already attracted a few sponsors –see ADDENDUM at the end … and I am sure this posting will expand. Michael Roberts.

Introduction: For the first time in Mannar’s history the Mannar Premier League, a hard ball cricket tournament, was held in July 2011 and featured the eight best cricket teams in Mannar. Organized by Mannar’s own Periyakadai Star Eagle Sports Club, the event attracted key sponsors, Singer Plus, Kandy Tailors, Periyakadai Fishermen Co-operative Society and Diaspora Lanka as well as leading Tamil radio station, Sooriyan FM.Purpose: Mannar has emerged from thirty years of civil conflict. Although Mannar’s youngsters excel in various sports, there have been few opportunities for them to shine. Mannar has clearly demonstrated its football excellence with many school teams winning national championships. Now it is time for Mannar’s many promising young cricketers to develop their level of skills to national standards. The Mannar Premier League gives aspiring local cricketers a chance to compete with the best. This is an important time to encourage youngsters in sport, especially in the Northern Province, as this will help them recover more quickly from the adverse effects of the war and embrace peace in Sri Lanka. Read the rest of this entry ?