Cricketers relax in Adelaide

January 22, 2013

Courtesy of www.festivalphoto.com.au

0084 honouring the national anthems 

0003 within a tasteful setting… courtesy of MIHIRI CRfBD_yORg9wp224M1P5Yp2L-_pxhZ2hF9pBT4kyqzM[1] greeted by President CHARITHA PERERA 0236 and everyone’s very own NAYAN one of Mahela’s schoolmates

  champaka singslistening to Champaka sing    

……. .with essential support essential support of various kinds

best of RYDMA especially for Thissara 0054

0061 mostly relaxed 69 amiable … -xgSn0DB6Whhb4NuTq_JLjO-ZtmpCIycefQ-sQFXCbs[1] but fulfilling duties

caIijXCVQWoUSo4ui1gsj_HS4_TRJ1gXf5dNgvNr-9I[1] the two leading couplesand drawing winners ANGELO as drawcard  

or just baila-ing the night away115


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