A Rare Photograph and a Rare Vote: Lanka’s best batsman has been SATHA

May 16, 2013

SATHA and Saravanamuttu-40s SATHA and the SARAs … with essential in hand

A poll conducted by ‘The Island’ website http://www.island.lk asking ‘who was Sri Lanka’s greatest batsman in the pre-Test era’ ended yesterday. Almost 5,000 readers took part in the poll and pre-Test era great Mahadevan Sathasivam was the overwhelming choice as the greatest batsman with 47.26% of our readers voting for him. Former captain Anura Tennekoon came second totaling 23.99% votes followed by Michael Tissera 14.12%, C.I. Gunasekara 9.62% and David Heyn 5.01%.

Our new poll, ‘What’s Sri Lanka’s best overseas Test win?’ is now open. Log onto http://www.island.lk to cast your vote. The options are 1. 1995 Napier, 2. 1995 Faisalabad, 3. 1998 London Oval, 4. 2000 Rawalpindi, 5. 2006 Trent Bridge.

09 Bradman & Sathasivam reshaped  Satha and Bradman at the toss, Colombo Oval 1948

1-Anura and Lloyd Anura Tennekoon & CliveLloyd at the toss, Manchester 1975

Duleep 22 Duleep Mendis hooks  Arjuna_Ranatunga_300 Arjuna Ranatunga celebrates winning glide, 1996


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