Sachithra Senanayake rehabilitation to be put to the test soon

November 9, 2014

S R Pathiravithana, in the Sunday Times, 9 November 2014, where the title is: “Senanayake will not be re-tested privately”

Ashley de Silva Chief Executive Officer of Sri Lanka Cricket told the Sunday Times that the SLC does not intend sending the Lankan off spinner for a Private screening. He said “We will be requesting the ICC for a date soon to re-scrutinize Senanayake’s bowling action and we hope that we would get a date by the End of this month”.

When asked where they intend sending the bowler in question for the ICC study, de Silva said “We have no control over that. It is the ICC which will decide as to where Senanayake would be directed. “

Senanayake was reported about the illegalities in his bowling action by ICC officials and was sent to the Cardiff University, Wales for scrutiny. There the panel who tested his bowling action found the straightening of his elbow to be more than the ICC stipulated tolerance level of 15 degrees and banned him from bowling at competitive level.

Subsequently Senanayake was sent to the University of Western Australia for rehabilitation before the Max Academy experts had begun their work. Once the Max Academy panel was satisfied, Senanayake made a comeback to top level cricket during the ongoing Mercantile Premier League tournament.



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