Roshan Mahanama as Match Referee for Prestigious Boxing Day Test Match

December 2, 2014

Quintus de Zylva 

ROSHAN will renew his association with Melbourne and his friends when David, Bertram, Ranjini and I host him to dinner on Tuesday 30th December. He and Gamini Perera were the first two young cricketers to accept a scholarship from the Sri Lanka Cricket Foundation of Victoria under the guidance of Bob Parish, Ian Crawford, Fred VanBuren, Eddie Gray and Astor de Silva – to play for the Fitzroy and Prahan cricket clubs in Melbourne almost thirty years ago. He subsequently played for Sri Lanka and then moved on to become an ICC match referee. Roshan’s autobiography was launched at the Knox tavern some years ago.


Roshan is now associated with Hemas Holdings in the PIYAWARA PROJECT of early childhood development in Sri Lanka. A community preschool costs approximately Rs. 4 million and can accommodate 50 children. Their website is www.hemasoutreach.com

Roshan will also be a match referee for the 2015 World Cup when we hope to get on board his next preschool project.


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