H, H and H for Hughes on First Day, Test Match

December 9, 2014

Home-spun, Humble, Hardworking … were among the plaudits and epithets voiced by the triumvirate of Michael Hussey, Michael Slater and James Bradshaw as they sat together in the bustling garden bar area of Adelaide Oval and Channel Nine concentrated on a TRIBUTE to Phil Hughes before the commencement of Day One, First Test at Adelaide Oval today, 9 December.

The Special Tribute ended with a moving audio cast presented by the present doyen of Australian cricket, RICHIE BENAUD, who ended his short and precise Vale with the moving words


                 REST IN PEACE, MY SON

HUGHES THE BLOW hughes_3116917b hughestribute_100x100



Patriotism & Chritian sAcrifice in HUGHES


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