Bangladesh Cricketers Celebrate defeat of England with unadulterated JOY

March 11, 2015


BANGLA 202 BANGLA 204 Bangladesh's Nassir Hossain leaps onto team mates in celebration after Bangladesh knocked England out of the tournament in their Cricket World Cup match in Adelaide Pic from www.telegraph.co.uk6

bangla victory 1 …. expressions of triumph and joy that were  revealed among the team’s supporters at Adelaide Oval,


… as well as back home in Bangladesh bdnews24.comBACK HOME--

… being set off by the final nail in the English coffin, Rubel Hossain’s dismissal of Jimmy Anderson

Rubel bowls Anderson Pic from www.cnn.com


ALSO SEE  Mike Atherton in http://www.theaustralian.com.au/sport/cricket/england-v-bangladesh-how-it-ranks-against-other-one-day-disasters/story-e6frg7rx-1227256339707



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  1. […] it’s their journey after the World Cup that has been exciting. Since the World Cup, they have achieved three successive series wins against Pakistan, India and South Africa. […]

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