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A Failure of Umpiring Common-Sense at Adelaide: Lyon’s Reprieve

November 30, 2015

Michael Roberts

Cricket umpiring is a difficult task and subject to human error. The cluster of technological systems and directives that make up the DRS today overcame the deep conservatism of the cricketing administrators (Indian obduracy and idiocy excepted) so as to improve the system and reduce errors. That objective has been secured; while the presence of the system has improved the capacity of umpires because they study its workings and can, now, make better judgements.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 28: Nathan Lyon of Australia swings at the ball during day three of the Fourth Ashes Test Match between Australia and England at Melbourne Cricket Ground on December 28, 2013 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

Nathan Lyon of Australia swings at the ball on another occasion–Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images –just as he did at Adelaide where two sixes came off his bat

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Fallible Umpires? No Excuse for Fallible Third Umpire with TV Asset

November 30, 2015

Melinda Farrell and Daniel Brettig,  courtesy of ESPNcricinfo, 1 December 2015,, where the title is Did Lyon decision contravene ICC directive for DRS?”

Nathan Lyon‘s reprieve during the Adelaide Test appears to have been in direct contravention of the ICC’s directives for umpires using the DRS. In a decision New Zealand have lodged a formal protest against, the third umpire Nigel Llong ruled that Lyon was not out despite Hot Spot showing a mark where the ball had passed the back of the bat, before ballooning off Lyon’s shoulder and into the hands of Kane Williamson at slip.

Llong’s deliberations were broadcast live on the Nine Network’s television coverage and, while viewing the Hot Spot vision, he stated three times that he could see a mark. He then told the on-field umpire S Ravi: “There’s a mark on the bat but it could come from anywhere.”

ESPNcricinfo has confirmed that umpires make their deliberations under instructions that Real-time Snicko (RTS) is only to be used if Hot Spot does not show a mark. “If the umpire gives it out [and it is reviewed], the third umpire will look at the spin-vision replay to start with, then he’ll go to Hot Spot,” Geoff Allardice, the ICC head of cricket operations, had said when explaining the introduction of RTS in 2013. “If there’s a mark on Hot Spot he’ll go straight to out. That’s his conclusive evidence straight away. The only time Snicko will be used is if there’s no mark on Hot Spot.” Read the rest of this entry ?


Roshan’s Final Guardianship at the Toss … on Historic Day

November 30, 2015

Roshan Adelaide Oval, 28 November 2015 …

Message from Quintus de Zylva: ROSHAN retires after a distinguished career in cricket. He was a schoolboy cricketer for Nalanda College when he first visited Australia as the recipient of a cricket scholarship from the Sri Lanka Cricket Foundation of Victoria thirty years ago. He then went on to play for Sri Lanka and finally became an ICC match referee.Roshan distinguished himself as a man of high principles throughout his cricket career. He has more recently been a generous donor of funds to build a school at Veherathenna to promote the education of children who live in a remote village off Anuradhapura. His friends in Melbourne have very proudly supported him in this endeavour and will continue to do so in the future.


Pink Ball Day-Night TEST CRICKET breaks new ground

November 27, 2015



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A Forgotten Cricket-Shattering Moment: The First Night Game in Cricket!

November 26, 2015

Gideon Haigh in The Australian, 26 November 2015,  where the title is “The Night when Cricket left the Dark Ages”

 Barry and Len -Getty Images Barry & Len at Adelaide Oval today–recognize them do you?–Pic from Getty Images

“It was in Barbados.”

“No it was Trinidad.”

“It was Antigua, wasn’t it?”

“Are you sure?”

“Well, your memory’s better than mine.”

Lunch was into its third hour, and the memories were coming thick and fast. The Aussies made this many. So-and-so made that many. Thommo was this quick. Dennis was this good. Among a bunch of journos at a restaurant table in Adelaide, Ian and Greg Chappell, Barry Richards and Len Pascoe were rolling back the years on the subject of Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket, suddenly apropos again on the eve of the inaugural night Test match. Read the rest of this entry ?


Million Dollar Test Bonanza for the Seven Second Tier Cricketing Nations

November 25, 2015

Andrew -Fidel Fernando, courtesy of ESPNcricinfo, where the title is ICC to pay seven Full Members $10 million each” … A=Srinivasan Two Big Men at Cricket’s Peak

The ICC will pay seven full-member boards $10 million over the next eight years, as part of the Test Cricket Fund announced during last year’s Big Three takeover of cricket’s governing body. Other than the BCCI, ECB and CA, the remaining full-member boards will each receive $1.25 million annually, beginning January 2016. The latest figures indicate that each member receiving the Test Match Fund stands to gain $10 million over eight years. This is less than the figure of $12.5 million over eight years announced by ECB president and ICC executive committee member Giles Clarke in February 2014 as each nation’s Test Cricket Fund package. Read the rest of this entry ?


UNITY team forged from Murali Cup to play in UAE in KP’s Initiative

November 25, 2015

The Foundation of Goodness confirmed Tuesday that it is organising a Murali Harmony Cup Unity tour to the United Arab Emirates following an invitation from Kevin Pietersen’s KP24 Foundation. The Unity Squad includes exceptionally talented under 18 cricketers from different schools island-wide, including five boys from previously war-affected areas in the North and East. The young cricketers were invited to participate in the tour after their outstanding performances during the 2015 Murali Harmony Cup completed in October.

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