English Cricket Documentary from the Hutton-Compton Era

September 5, 2016

Tom Farman

 This recently unearthed British Council documentary provides a snapshot of English cricket over 60 years ago. Narrated by Sir Ralph Richardson and the great BBC commentator John Arlott, it shows beautiful footage of Test cricket and the theatre surrounding it, as well as the more humble cricket on the village green. There is some splendid slow-motion footage of the Lord’s Test of 1948, featuring such legends of the game as Sir Don Bradman, Sir Len Hutton, Denis Compton and Keith Miller.

 dENIS COMPTON Denis Compton hits the winning stroke as England beat Australia and win the Ashes at the Oval, London, 19th August  1953
 BRADMAN Bradman in action

The Pathe documentary footage is also very strong on the crowd, the sense of occasion of a Lord’s Test that remains every bit as much of a national event today as it did in Sir Don’s last Ashes tour of England. It is a world away from Hot Spot, DRS and Snicko (and probably none the worse for that) but this video provides a glimpse of how cricket might have loked in 1948


ALSO SEE Cricket: Nick Compton and Denis Compton | Metro UK…….metro.co.uk729 × 1000Search by image

AND Michael Roberts: “Social History within Cricket,”  18 July 2016, https://thuppahi.wordpress.com/2016/07/18/social-history-within-cricket/

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