“I dropped the chance of securing the Champion’s Cup”

June 13, 2017

Errol’s LAMENT for THISARA in Sri Lanka’s Match vs Pakistan

Mike my friend, ……spare a thought for Narangoda Liyanaarachchilage Thisara Chirantha Perera ,a proud member of St Joseph’s College who has played for innumerable teams all over the world including Melbourne. At a crucial stage of the match yesterday he dropped a SITTER off Sarfraz which almost certainly cost Sri Lanka the game. His mortification, humiliation,discomfiture and embarrassment was palpable and he will need profound psychological treatment to cope with it. I cannot think of a comparable situation in the History of Cricket to match this moment.

 Thisara’s butterfingers -Ishara Kodikara for GettyImages

When it happened, at nearly 3, 00 am Melbourne time,I uttered expletives usually directed against me by other drivers on the road, turned off cricinfo and dashed off to bed. I knew that it was GAME OVER for Sri Lanka. I  cannot imagine NLTC ever getting over this.I feel desperately sorry for him.

***  ***

HOWEVER, two other Sri Lankan’s may face the same thoughts. As noted by Andrew McGlashan at ESPNcricinfo 

“Three glaring dropped catches off the bowling of Lasith Malinga were pivotal as Sri Lanka’s “pathetic” fielding cost them a semi-final place” 

 Prasanna’s dropped catch –the more difficult of the three, but 


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