An Enthralling Test Match: Lanka beat Zimbabwe … Just!

July 18, 2017

One ILLUSTRATION among the Enthusiasts Comments .. after over 111.2 in the SL second innings

MD FURKAN UDDIN: “What a match we are watching. congratulations both team for play some good cricket.”


Samraat: “Series started with highest ODI chase in SL and Now ended with highest successful chase in Test in SL. Perfect !!!!!!!!!”

Ananda: “Sri Lanka deserved to win and they did. Very few people gave them a chance. Beating this Zimbabwe team is no easy task. They are no pushovers. Well done Zimbabwe too. Hope you get more test matches against top sides. ”

Thinus: “I would rather vote for Raza as the MOM. That second innings recovery was amazing!”

Uday: “Wish there was another Test match between these two teams – one off Tests should be scrapped.”



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