Langer anointed as the LORD SAVIOUR of Australian Cricket

May 4, 2018

Those privileged to watch the TV media presentation of Justin LANGER as Australian coach with great fanfare would be excused if they recoiled at the double-speak indulged in by this new “Saviour” of the Mighty Aussies — just a few days after we heard the poignant “Last Post ” marking the reflective moments of death in war and  the  role of martyrdom in the foundation of Australianness and the Australian nation. 

Pi from AAP

The recoil will be deepened by any reading of the Sports Page of THE AUSTRALIAN newspaper where a platoon of ‘esteemed’ sports writers lined up to charm their readers with balm and lollipops of the flavours that would make more discerning readers wretch. Sycophancy take a bow.

Coach Langer steadies the Ship” — Peter Lalor in The Australian, Friday 4 May 2018

“The First Career he rescued was His Own” — Will Swanton in The Australian , Friday 4 May 2018

“Australian Cricket’s Funeral Mood finally lifts as JL arrives”Peter Lalor in The Australian , Friday 4 May 2018

Again take the Sydney Morning Herald: Its picture caption runs Right man for the job: Justin Langer.

It is crystal clear that after all the welter of self-recrimination and finger-pointing after the events in South Africa that the  cricketing faithful have changed their underwear and fastened their jock-straps so as to rebuild the Aussies as lords of every realm.

Thankfully there are discerning Aussies around who would react to all this crap with disgust as “licking ARSE!”   …. and then there are the Kiwi Aussies who will — to a man — snigger and laugh all the way to the next bottle of beer. Being close neighbours they know what to expect –  Langer or no Langer   or just clanger.

Justin as Saviour Jesus will also raise an amusing calypso from that good man Lord Superior!



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