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Media Madness in Sumathipala

April 19, 2017

Andrew Fidel Fernando,  in ESPNcricinfo, 19 April 2017, where the title runs Why is SLC in public-relations overdrive?”  … and the by-line urns: “Thilanga Sumathipala’s board has done as much for Sri Lanka’s cricket as any other, but the chairman’s desperation for the limelight does them no favours;”

Five men stand in front of the sponsors’ backdrop at the presentation that follows Sri Lanka’s T20 win over Bangladesh. Four of them are holding cheques; the man who holds nothing is Thilanga Sumathipala, SLC president and unelected deputy speaker of the House. He stands closest to the presenter, and his presence seems gratuitous at first. When proceedings begin, however, it becomes clear that the camera is smitten with Sumathipala and that he is smitten with it. When Kusal Perera comes up to be interviewed about his Player-of-the-Match performance, there Sumathipala is, looking paternally over the player’s shoulder with a benevolent grin. While other awards are being handed out, the camera may stray, but as if bound by fate, it always has a way of finding its way back to Sumathipala. It captures his coy smirks and his firm handshakes.  Read the rest of this entry ?


The Rousing Tale of Pradeep Matthew, ambidextrous and bowling Chinaman

October 26, 2016

Benjamin Colby, courtesy of The CRICKET MONTHLY, October 2016, and ESPNcricinfo, where the title runs “The greatest cricketer who never lived” …  In the first of a series on cricket in fiction, a look at Chinaman, in which the game isn’t so much plot driver as plinth

There is more cricket fiction than is probably thought to exist. Screeds of it, in fact, with a curious abundance of thrillers and murder mysteries stretching from Dorothy Sayers’ Oxford Blue amateur sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey to Ted Dexter’s Testkill. As is often the case with artistry, novelists tackle cricket in a manner one might not otherwise think up. “How different would English summers be without slip fielders?” Jennie Walker’s 24 for 3 contemplates. Arthur Conan Doyle’s Spedegue’s Dropper has a schoolteacher bowling 50 feet upward for the ball to fall vertically onto the stumps. Anthologies of cricket’s gilded writings tend toward literary pedigree, such as All-Muggleton’s jolly trouncing of Dingley Dell in Charles Dickens’ Pickwick Papers. Evergreen in the game, too, is celebrating an England of green fields surely more emerald than ever was the case in life. Upstanding here is the nostalgic village-cricket schmaltz of Hugh de Selincourt’s The Cricket Match ….shehan Shehan Karunatillaka-Pic by Alamy …

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How to avoid Bouncers: Ashley Mallett Sermon

October 25, 2016

 Ashley Mallet, courtesy of ESPNcricinfo, October 2016, t: Bouncer-safety starts with watching the ball

Fast bowlers use the short ball as a legitimate weapon to unsettle any batsman. It is a fair and reasonable tactic that has stood the test of time. On that terrible day at the SCG in November 2014, Phillip Hughes appeared to misjudge the pace of the ball and looked to be through his hook shot before he was struck in the neck, clear of the protective face of the helmet. It was a shocking, freak accident and, especially for Phil’s family and friends, so terrible in its finality.In the wake of the Hughes’ tragedy there has been a disturbing number of quality batsmen being struck on the helmet. The “hit” list is not dominated by mid- to lower-order batsmen.  bouncer-isssue-pa-photos   Ian Chappell: “When you’re quickly on to the front foot it’s impossible to get inside the line of the delivery to play the shot more safely” © PA PhotosIn recent times players of the calibre of Steven Smith, Shane Watson, Michael Clarke, Chris Rogers and Virat Kohli have copped heavy blows to the helmet. When looking at footage of the incidents, you see all too clearly that all of the players who were hit were not watching the ball and they were struck on the side of the helmet.

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Striking Scenes from the 1975 World Cup in England

August 1, 2016

teams in colmnsThe eight teams in the finals lineup –spruced up …. The captains are, front row from left: APB Tennekoon (Sri Lanka), Asif Iqbal (Pakistan), Clive Lloyd (West Indies), Mike Brearley (England), Kim Hughes (Australia), Mark Burgess (New Zealand), S Venkataraghavan (India), GE Brisbane (Canada) … Photograph: Patrick Eagar via Getty Images

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Cricketers charmed by Beautiful Indian Women

July 16, 2016

Sudatta Mukherjee, writing about “SEVEN  foreign cricketers who married Indian women” ….

MM PLUS Murali at his wedding ceremony in Chennai with Madhimalar Ramamurthy

Neena-Gupta-with-crickter-Vivian-Richards-with-whom-she-has-daughter-Masaba Sir Viv Richards with his Indian paramour Neena Read the rest of this entry ?


Adelaide Oval stormed by Adelaide United, 1 May 2016

May 2, 2016




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Viral flow for Sighting of Khawaja poking Zampa’s Behind?

February 10, 2016

“Australian cricketers get personal during anthem”, February 10, 2016, …

Australian opening batsman Usman Khawaja squeezes team-mate Adam Zampa’s behind ahead of the ODI against the Black Caps in Wellington.Some of the players were getting more than a little touchy-feely as they linked arms while Advance Australia Fair was played.

  • Test, a short video clip has emerged of some emotional scenes during the national anthem before their ODI win over the Black Caps at the Cake Tin last weekend.
Australian opening batsman Usman Khawaja squeezes teammate Adam Zampa's behind ahead of the ODI against the Black Caps ...Australian opening batsman Usman Khawaja squeezes teammate Adam Zampa’s behind ahead of the ODI against the Black Caps in Wellington. Opening batsman Usman Khawaja certainly got busy calming the nerves of rookie spinner Adam Zampa. Khawaja laughed off being caught grabbing Zampa’s behind, playing it down when asked about the video on Twitter. “hahaha oh boy. Didn’t realize there were cameras filming from behind,” he tweeted. “haha it was all consensual. Just have a joke with the debutant #playon”.

Australia won that match to square the series, but lost the decider in Hamilton on Monday. The video clip was posted on Facebook and tweeted by The Crowd Goes Wild and was certainly proving a hit on the internet. …

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