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Jaked! … and hospitalized! Sam Harper hit by Lehmann’s hook-shot

February 16, 2017

Reminding old-stagers of the moment when Ric Darling nearly died from swallowing his tongue when hist by the ball and, more recently, when Peter Neville was floored by Brad Hodge’s flying bat — all at Adelaide Oval –the Victorian keeper Sam Harper was felled by Jake Lehmann’s bat as the latter hit a swivelling hook-shot !!!!!!

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Ritchie Benaud as Captain: Nous and Allure

January 5, 2017

Brian Matthews, in The Australian 27 December 2016, where the title is “Lure of Benaud in Heady Days,” … being an extract from Benaud: An Appreciation, by Brian Matthews (Text Publishing). 

benaud Richie Benaud bowling at Old Trafford.

In the early 1960s I was one of that phalanx of Australian students — the best-known members among whom were Germaine Greer, Robert Hughes and Clive James — who took off for Europe at the end of their undergraduate days. And it was in central Israel, somewhere near a place called Kfar Vitkin, that a few fortunate moments of hilltop transistor reception on Saturday, July 8, 1961, set a group of young Australian travellers on what seemed a breathlessly daring path.

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In Appreciation of Johnny Gleeson, Quiet Man of Cricket

October 23, 2016

Bernard Whimpress, courtesy of  The Footy Almanac, 14 October 2016, where the title is Quiet man of cricket: a tribute to Johnny Gleeson”

Another good man leaves us.

Remember the days when Australian Test cricketers carried an air of mystique. When they weren’t thrust upon us. When they went about their business with quiet dignity. When bowlers obviously had plans to dismiss top-line batsmen on the other side and didn’t blather on about ‘targeting’ them. When there was a little more grace in the game.

john-gleeson-cricinfoPic from ESPNcricinfo

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Call for Clarification of Bouncer Laws at Inquest into the Phil Hughes Death

October 14, 2016

Daniel Brettig,  in ESPNcricinfo, 14 October 2016, with title “Clarify bouncer laws, Phillip Hughes inquest told”  

Definitions of what constitutes “unfair bowling” should be clarified by cricket’s lawmakers, the New South Wales coronial inquest into the death of Phillip Hughes has heard on an emotion-charged final day. Counsel assisting the coroner, Kristina Stern SC, submitted that the inquest should conclude that this was a case of “accidental death”, which was not made more likely by the nature of play on the day of the Sheffield Shield match at the SCG. Hughes was struck in the side of the neck on day one of the match, November 25, 2014, suffering an arterial injury that resulted in his death at St Vincent’s Hospital two days later.hughes_3116917bhughes-and-helmetphil-hughes

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Nude Bathing at Pallekalay

July 28, 2016

ALEX Alex James shows his mettle (sic) … and rumour has it that he will receive a Baggy Green when he returns home to Queensland …. from Pauline Hanson of course


alex james-11




Aussie Cricketers as the World wishes to see them

May 4, 2016

Aussies in dejection

Australia retain No. 1 ranking in ODIs


The Old and the New: In Memoriam, David Hookes

April 11, 2016

Michael Roberts,  from the Baggy Green, by Bernard Whimpress, 2016,

Comment: On 25 March 2001 a public memorial service paid homage to Sir Donald Bradman after a full lifetime innings capping his monumental record as batsman and captain on the cricket field. On 27 January 2004 a public memorial service honoured David Hookes’ memory after his cameo innings in life was prematurely terminated before a half-century was reached. Bradman’s memoriam marked the passing of the old century, the twentieth century. Hookes and his memoriam signalled the new, the twenty-first century.

125b Hookes125a Adelaide Oval &Hookes David Hookes’ bat and his Redbacks Cap marked his last hurrah in home ground

The generational contrast was also inscribed in the style of each memorial moment. The public service to Bradman was a traditional Christian service held in St. Peter’s Anglican Cathedral abutting the Adelaide Oval and almost part of it (to cricket fans). The cathedral’s spatial limits decreed that it was open to invitees alone, so that the public could only participate at one-step removed through simultaneous telecast shown on big screen and audio at the Oval. The service was in the late evening. Cathedral and time of day rendered the atmosphere sombre. So did the gods, the weather gods. Heavy rain fell late that day. Read the rest of this entry ?