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Thomson’s Thunderbolts fell the Sri Lankan Batsmen, June 1975

May 21, 2015

Ashley Mallett, courtesy of ESPNcricinfo, where the title is different

Former Sri Lanka opening batsman Sunil Wettimuny has known just one fear in a life in which he flew jet airliners for 30 years, experiencing bad storms, mechanical breakdowns and terrorist bomb threats: the fear of having to face Jeff Thomson, arguably the fastest bowler to draw breath. Wettimuny’s tryst with Thommo took place in a World Cup match at The Oval on June 11, 1975.

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Crosscurrents: Sri Lanka and Australia at Cricket

May 15, 2015

Michael Roberts & Alfred James

C04 No Balls+



  1. Notes on Lanka’s Cricket History ……      S.S. Perera     
  2. Cricketing History& Some Nationalist Hues in Ceylon and Lanka …..     Michael Roberts
  3. Ceylon vs Australia as Statistics, 1884-1981 ….. Alfred James  
  4. Bradman and Others at Colombo, 1948 …..       Michael Roberts            
  5. Hassett and Others at Colombo, 1953 ……     Michael Roberts

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Kumar Dharmasena’s Unique Cricketing Record

May 15, 2015

Kumar Dharmasena was a member of Sri Lanka’s 1996 World Cup winning squad  … and may even have a wicket as trophy  …. and Yes he served as Umpire in the Finals of the 3015 World Cup at the MCG on 29th March 2015

KUMAR D- semi

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“Thank You, Brendon … How to Play Cricket Fair –As Father to Son

April 10, 2015


Jonny Gilling

“I Would have Failed as a Father if my Sons Grew up to be like
Australian Cricketers David Warner, Mitchell Johnson,
 James Faulkner and Brad Haddin,

intimidation ckt Grant Elliott cops a mouthful from Brad Haddin, James Faulkner and substitute Pat Cummins

To Brendon McCullum, the Black Caps and their coaching staff, I want
to say thank you.

My wife and I moved from New Zealand to Africa just under three years
ago to be the directors of an orphanage. While it was never our plan
(my idea was to devote several years to something good and then come
home and get on with my own life plan), because of the need where we
are, we ended up taking a baby into our home.

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A Challenging Voice about the SCG Toss

April 9, 2015
ICC should ensure transparency at the toss | DailyFT – Be Empowered

www.ft.lk600 × 291Search by image

The ICC needs to ensure greater transparency during the coin toss to avoid a repeat of what happened at the SCG yesterday.
SCG coin toss 11


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Mike Marqusee in Cricketique

February 17, 2015

Mike Marqusee  

Cricket, Commerce and the Future, March 27, 2010, ……..This essay appeared in the Hindu Sunday Magazine in mid-March 2010. Also see   premier-league-just-not-cricket and

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The Kohli-Johnson Confrontation enters the Press Event at MCG

December 30, 2014


K vs J 22 K vs J 33 Johnson out of line in spat with ‘hated’ Kohli | The New Daily ….   “but Kohli wants to go on with it”

Sai Mohapatra’s Report

Their on-field banter spilled over to the press conference room as Virat Kohli didn’t care for the call ‘what happens on the field remains on the field’. The trigger point being when Mitchell Johnson threw a ball back at the striker end after Kohli played one in the follow through, it hit Kohli and that got two of them going throughout the day at the MCG.

“I was really annoyed with him hitting me with the ball, and I told him that’s not on,” Kohli said. ” ‘Try and hit the stumps next time, not my body.’ You have got to send the right message across. I am not there to take to some unnecessary words or chats from someone. I am going there to play cricket, [and to] back myself. There’s no good reason that I should respect unnecessarily some people when they are not respecting me.” Read the rest of this entry ?


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