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Surprises and Losers at the IPL Auction 2018

January 29, 2018

Indian Express News Item,

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Thilanga Sumathipala Speaks

January 17, 2016

S R Pathiravithana

Deprivation sometimes could transform into gallantry. It was a make-or-break affair for Thilanga Sumathipala, a man who was turned into a doormat of ‘interimism’ (a word that we coined under the given circumstances) for more than a decade through constant shutting down of the elected power base through the installation of interim committees.

Thilanga Sumathipala

The newly elected Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) President, Sumathipala, has gone through the mill of cricket governance seeing the yo-yo effects of these experiences. Yet, he lived with his passion for cricket through all those years and now finally he is sitting in the office by the SSC grounds with that magnificent view and will be holding the magic wand of cricket power presumably for the next two years.

Last week the Sunday Times Musings had an exclusive chat with Sumathipala and he outlined his future vision for Sri Lanka Cricket and other matters pertaining to the wellbeing of the game.

First we asked the new president how he sees the challenges before him – a cricket team which is hobbling in the international arena, along with matters which are relevant to cricket governance. Sumathipala explained: “I think our first priority is the national team. We feel at present the national team is in disarray. Taking the whole gamut of Test cricket, ODI and T-20 cricket, we feel we have fairly a big issue at hand. On the other hand, we have a problem with the national coach.

When we look at a dedicated professional team, his responsibility is not only coaching. He is in-charge of the entire support service, training schedules, warm-up matches, setting up captain’s meetings. Read the rest of this entry ?


Million Dollar Test Bonanza for the Seven Second Tier Cricketing Nations

November 25, 2015

Andrew -Fidel Fernando, courtesy of ESPNcricinfo, where the title is ICC to pay seven Full Members $10 million each” … A=Srinivasan Two Big Men at Cricket’s Peak

The ICC will pay seven full-member boards $10 million over the next eight years, as part of the Test Cricket Fund announced during last year’s Big Three takeover of cricket’s governing body. Other than the BCCI, ECB and CA, the remaining full-member boards will each receive $1.25 million annually, beginning January 2016. The latest figures indicate that each member receiving the Test Match Fund stands to gain $10 million over eight years. This is less than the figure of $12.5 million over eight years announced by ECB president and ICC executive committee member Giles Clarke in February 2014 as each nation’s Test Cricket Fund package. Read the rest of this entry ?


Jerome Jayaratne will be Coach for Tour of New Zealand

November 8, 2015

S.R. Pathiravithana, in The Sunday Times, 8 November 2015

The present Interim cricket coach of Sri Lanka, Jerome Jayaratne is likely to be seconded for his services till the end of the World T-20 Tournament which will be held in India April next year according to cricket’s Interim cricket head, Sidath Wettimuny.
SLC’s cricket’s Interim head told the Sunday Times “At the moment the side is pretty much settled and we do not want to rock the boat in any way. So we are hoping to keep him in charge of the national team will the end of the World T-20 tournament in March/April 2016. The discussions are continuing on the matter and we have not arrived at the final decision as yet” Wettimuny said.

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The Longstanding Travails of West Indian Cricket

October 26, 2015

Tony Cozier, courtesy of ESPNcricinfo, October 25, 2015, where the title is “If only West Indies had listened to Murray and Dujon”

There were warnings of the deteriorating relationship between the players and the board 35 years ago. Little has changed, and it could get worse.     WI problems -Getty A familiar story: in 1990, Jeff Dujon highlighted the lack of clarity in players’ contracts © Getty Images

For all its global hype, Back to the Future Day last Wednesday might just have escaped your attention. As it was explained in hundreds of newspapers and websites, Back to the Future II was the title of a 1989 movie that propelled its two main characters, Marty McFly (played by Michael J Fox) and Doc Brown, forward to October 21, 2015. It was a sequel to an earlier film, where the two made a trip back to 1955.

Some of what writer-director Robert Zemeckis prophesied has materialised (video chat is real, cars run on alternative fuel, thumbprints can open doors and pay bills, and while the Chicago Cubs may not be at long last baseball’s World Series champions, they are in the final playoffs). Others (flying cars and skateboards, and – West Indians will be amused to learn – the banning of lawyers!) will have to wait for Back to the Future III. Read the rest of this entry ?


Mike Marqusee from his Grave: Reviewing the 2011 World Cup

February 17, 2015

Mike Marqusee **  originally published in The Hindu20 March 2011 and and then presented in cricketiue

At the outset of this World Cup, both the format and the event were on trial. Questions about its pre-eminence in the global game had been raised not only by the best forgotten 2007 instalment but even more by the rise of T20 and the IPL. While it’s too early to say, at the half way point the tournament seem to be answering these questions in the affirmative. At least that’s what it looks like sprawled in front of a TV screen in faraway London.

Mike Marqusee in 2009.First, it’s clear, surely, that the 50 over format has plenty of life left in it and remains a much richer, more satisfying spectacle than T20. Fifty overs allows the batsman to build an innings; indeed, it demands it. It’s not just a question of the amount of time but how to use it effectively. Changing gears – which means having more than one or two gears to change through – is an art unique to cricket batting and it plays no role in T20. What’s more, to succeed over the longer duration batters need to play strokes all around the wicket, exploiting the full 360 degrees. It might be said that whereas T20 matches are won by the field placings thwarting the batsman, 50 over matches are won by the batsman thwarting the field placings.The new wrinkle of the batting “powerplay” (I wish they had thought up a less macho name) has proved unpredictable, tactically demanding and in some cases decisive. This moveable five over stretch has expanded the room for comebacks – real comebacks from a losing position that are much more convincing than the helter-skelter swings of the pendulum of T20.

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Australia’s International Cricket Season kicks off at Adelaide Oval

November 7, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Allan Donald and Safs in their dug-out

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA some 26,000 odd fans watched this one-sided T20 match between Australia and South Africa … half the house capacity

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA … among them were Ronali, Anu, Charitha, Hewan and Madu and a budding young cricketer Dinan Perera Read the rest of this entry ?