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World Cup in England 2019: Schedule

March 20, 2019

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 =  48 ODIs … May 30-Jul 14

ngland and South Africa will compete in the tournament opener at The Oval.
  • The Oval to host the tournament opener between England and South Africa on 30 May

  • Old Trafford and Edgbaston to stage the two semi-finals on 9 and 11 July respectively; Lord’s to host the final on 14 July

  • ICC Chief Executive David Richardson: “Next summer fans around the world will be treated to compelling and competitive cricket as the best teams in the world go head to head in this round-robin format for the right to be crowned World Champions.”

  • Steve Elworthy: “Today’s announcement of the schedule is another important moment in the build-up to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 – the moment that the tournament comes to life for teams and cricket lovers across the world.”

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ICC – ODI and T20 Rankings — Men

May 18, 2017

From BBC Listing =

ODI rankings

Rank Name Matches Rating
1 South Africa 44 123
2 Australia 46 118
3 India 31 117
4 New Zealand 40 115
5 England 43 110
6 Sri Lanka 46 93
7 Bangladesh 25 91
8 Pakistan 36 88
9 West Indies 30 79
10 Afghanistan 28 52
11 Zimbabwe 36 46
12 Ireland 21 43

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ICC Test Team Rankings –Men

May 18, 2017

Men’s Test Team Rankings, 14 May 2017


Developed by David Kendix
Pos Team Matches Points Rating
1 India 41 4,983 122
2 South Africa 37 4,020 109
3 Australia 49 5,302 108
4 England 50 5,071 101
5 Pakistan 40 3,870 97
6 New Zealand 45 4,339 96
7 Sri Lanka 42 3,761 90
8 West Indies 34 2,365 70
9 Bangladesh 22 1,444 66
10 Zimbabwe 10 48 5

SL Cricket in Humpty-Dumpty Condition

May 15, 2017

Rex Clementine:, in The Island, 14 May 2017, with title “The price people pay for their arrogance”

The moment Hitler had France under his control, he had the whole of Western Europe at his beck and call. It gave him a massive adrenaline rush and he thought he could do just about anything. Instead of consolidating in Western Europe, Hitler invaded Russia. That proved to be a fatal mistake. The price people pay for their arrogance!

 Sri Lanka go into Champions Trophy as the worst fielding team in the competition. They have been hard at work in Kandy to lift their fielding standards.Picture credit Sameera Pieiris/ The

In cricket, the West Indies thought that they would continue to produce world class players. Natural talent was enough to dominate world cricket they believed. Australia shook them up by using sports science to good effect. Other teams soon took a leaf out of the Aussies’ book by setting up Centres for Excellence and world class cricket academies. It took a while for the West Indies to realize that the times were fast changing and they needed to embrace technology. Despite the brilliance of Brian Lara, West Indies struggled. Since Lara they are no more world class. No Champions Trophy for them and they might even get kicked out from making it to the 2019 World Cup. The price people pay for their arrogance! Read the rest of this entry ?


Five Brave Men who saved Murali’s Doosra

May 1, 2017

Muttiah Mutralitharan’s imminent induction into the ICC Hall of fame encourages a reflective step backwards to study why and how his magnificent bowling capacities had to be protected and rescued from the piranhas of the cricketing world. There were three different stages in the prejudiced attempts to execute Murali — with several Australians as the forefront of this fundamentalist current in cricket. I reproduce an article that was published in the South Asia Masala on 29th April 2010 (one of the more open Aussie institutions) … where the title was different: viz.Saving Murali’s ‘doosra’: Five unsung heroesThe focus here is on the the third stage of the process that protected Murali’s skills.

 Murali bowls with brace Dr Dhillon & Murali

Michael Roberts

Gunasekara, Wijesinghe, Dhillon, Wijesuriya, Foster. These are five names that should be etched into the commemorative epitaph marking the third stage of the saga around Muttiah Muralitharan.

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English Cricket Governors target Kolpak Imports

April 19, 2017

Simon Burnton,  courtesy of THE SPIN, where the tile is “ECB’s Kolpak clampdown is the latest gambit in 100 years war”

News the England and Wales Cricket Board is planning to tighten regulations to prevent county sides becoming flooded with Kolpak imports marks the start of another skirmish in the never-ending battle between domestic cricket’s governing body, the counties and the international sides the latter would like to plunder. The words of Haroon Lorgat, chief executive of Cricket South Africa, when Kyle Abbott and Rilee Rossouw announced their moves to Hampshire in January were particularly striking. “We invest huge sums of money in every individual,” he said, “and if you take Rilee, by way of example, in the last I don’t know how many months we’ve been treating his injuries, we’ve been investing in him. Sadly there’s no return for us in the years to come.”

 Rilee Rossouw, whose Kolpak move to Hampshire was announced in January, along with that of his South Africa team-mate Kyle Abbott. Photograph: Gallo Images/Getty Images

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New Cricketing Rules from 1st October

March 8, 2017

From ESPNcricinfo, 6 March 2017, under title “New laws mean players can be sent off

Archive: Ponting not looking to rewind clocks too far back

The MCC has confirmed that umpires will have the authority to send players off for serious breaches of behaviour under updated laws of the game which will be used from October 1, 2017. They have also laid out the restrictions on bat sizes and there will be an amendment to the run out law to protect a batsman whose bat has bounced in the air once they have crossed the popping crease.

These new laws follow the recommendations of the MCC Cricket Committee from their meeting in Mumbai in early December.


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