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Dhanasiri Weerasinghe enters the Fray: Stormy Currents in Ceylon Cricket in the 1960s

May 6, 2018

Sa’adi Thawfeeq, in Daily News 21 April 2018, where the title is “The cricket tour that never took place but changed national selection policy” …. AND where Thawfeeq’s sub-title line runs thus:Dhanasiri Weerasinghe a key figure in the controversy spills the beans after 50 years

It is fifty years since Sri Lanka first attempted a full cricket tour of England, that failed to materialize for several reasons. Many are of the view had that tour taken place in the summer of 1968, Sri Lanka would not have to wait to gain Test status for as long as 1981 but become a full member of the ICC much earlier.

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Michael Wille’s Cricketing Journey: Ceylon and Melbourne

February 21, 2018

Michael Wille, courtesy of Island, 11 November 2017, swwhere the title is My cricketing journey, from big dreams to big matches””

I have been asked to write an article about my cricketing journey from Colombo to Melbourne. I have some reservations about how relevant my article will be. However, I trust that it will serve essentially as an insight to the exhilarating schoolboy cricketing era of the 1950s.

I debuted for Royal in ’54 and captained in ’57. A couple of weeks after the Royal-Thomian I migrated to Australia and was the first Sri Lankan to play District (Grade) cricket in Melbourne. Read the rest of this entry ?


Dr. Rabada chastises his Paceman Son Kagiso rabada

February 15, 2018

An Exemplary Moment: Some Lankan Cricketers absorb Dhoni’s Advice

December 28, 2017

News Item in Daily News, 28 December 2017, with title “Lankan Players take cricket lessons from MS Dhoni”

Former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has not just grown as a player but as a person over the years. The respected cricketer is not just admired by his teammates but also his opponents for his distinctive ground play and game awareness.

Upul Tharanga, Sadeera Samarawickrama and Akila Dananjaya get valuable tips from Indian cricket legend MS Dhoni at the end of the third T20 international at Mumbai. Read the rest of this entry ?


Sri Lankan Cricket History: Abstracts of Two Essays by Michael Roberts in 2007 and 2009

November 25, 2017

  FC “Derek” de Saram in full flow CI Gunasekera & Mahes Rodrigo walk out to bat Kehel Yakaa mesmerises

“Landmarks and threads in the cricketing universe of Sri Lanka,” Sport in Society, 2007, 10(1), 120-142 ….

….  Published online: 19 Feb 2007

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Michael Tissera: Cricket Personified … A Leader To Die For

November 24, 2017

Estelle Vasudevan, courtesy of, 8 March 2017, where the title is  “Michael Tissera, Cricketing Royalty”

To many of the younger Sri Lankan cricket fans, the name Michael Tissera, though familiar, is probably not one that brings to mind any vivid memories. However, students of the game will know Tissera as one of the pioneers of Sri Lanka cricket, a man whose influence reached well beyond the boundary ropes in the island nation.

The accolades and awards he has won are many and his name will forever be etched in Sri Lankan cricket folklore but as the saying goes ‘he who would search for pearls must dive below.’ And so, in an attempt to do that, the slightly awe-struck bunch of us sat down with the great man himself, in what turned out to be an enriching encounter.

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Forces and Strands in Sri Lanka’s Cricket History

November 24, 2017

Binod Kumar Mishra — reviewing Forces and Strands in Sri Lanka’s Cricket History, by Michael Roberts, Colombo, Social Scientists’Association, 2006, 64 pp., 21 photographs, bibliography, Rs. 300 (paperback), ISBN 9559102826

Cricket brought to Sri Lanka the reputation of, and a genuine recognition as, a nation. The rationale for such an observation is the infamous reputation Sri Lanka has earned due to decade-old ethnic rivalry and insurgency that has threatened the concept of nationhood in the country. The World Cup triumph in1996 and the heroic performances before and after that event have put Sri Lanka prominently not onlyo n the sports map, but also on the political map of the world in a positive sense. But the story of the rise of Sri Lankan cricket is not a normal rags-to-riches story but is filled with events that in some sense correspond to its political history.
Arise Deshamaanya Davenel !!

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