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Brian Lara’s Cowdrey Lecture Revealing Reflections

September 5, 2017

George Dobell,  courtesy of ESPNcricinfo, where the title is “Embarrassed by how West Indies played in the nineties – Lara”

Brian Lara has implored the top sides in world cricket “to ensure that the integrity of the game is upheld” and admitted there were times he was “truly embarrassed” by the behaviour of the West Indies side he represented.

  Michael Holding kicks the stumps in anger Getty Images

Lara, delivering the MCC Spirt of Cricket Cowdrey lecture at Lord’s, not only called on batsmen to “walk” but suggested the leading sides had a responsibility to “show the way and lead the way” in which the game is played.And, despite the outstanding record of the West Indies sides of the 1980s and early 1990s, Lara felt they were occasions when the tactics they employed resulted in them “playing the game in a way it should never, ever be played.” Read the rest of this entry ?


Hope stands out in Outstanding West Indian Victory at Headingley

August 31, 2017

Mark Nicholas in ESPNcricinfo, August 2017, with the title reading “Hope, Headingley: A Miracle”

Impossible, simply impossible. In all of West Indies cricket history nothing can have been quite so gloriously scatty, unlikely, improbable and, yes, let’s go there, as impossible as the victory achieved by Jason Holder’s team at Headingley. Only one team stands above them on the list of fourth-innings run chases at this hotbed of Yorkshire cricket, and that little lot became known as the Invincibles and were led by Sir Donald Bradman.

 Shai Hope–Getty Images

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Sathasivam: The Island’s Greatest Batsman,

July 20, 2017

Says Prof. Ravindra Fernando during Q and A with Dr. Hemamal Jayawardena
When I dropped in recently at the Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Colombo to get some guidance on some forensic aspects of child
abuse, a subject on which the professor is a pioneering expert, I noticed a book on his table on a subject that had nothing to do with forensic
medicine. It was titled, “Sathasivam of Ceylon – the Batting Legend”. This interested me and I went over a few pages. It took me a while to
realise that it was Professor Fernando who had authored the book, to my surprise. It was unusual as the book was not on medicine or a medically
related subject as he usually writes. It was on cricket! More accurately, about a cricketer. As we spoke more, I recalled reading a piece he had
written long ago on our ace wicket keeper, Kaluwitharana to the newspaper as well and realised that Professor is a keen cricket fan. This led to the
following interview which I thought will be of interest to all our readers.

 Sobers gifts Satha a memento

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Women’s Team Captains in Striking Colour at Landmark Spot

May 27, 2017

Recognise the Setting?


SL Cricket in Humpty-Dumpty Condition

May 15, 2017

Rex Clementine:, in The Island, 14 May 2017, with title “The price people pay for their arrogance”

The moment Hitler had France under his control, he had the whole of Western Europe at his beck and call. It gave him a massive adrenaline rush and he thought he could do just about anything. Instead of consolidating in Western Europe, Hitler invaded Russia. That proved to be a fatal mistake. The price people pay for their arrogance!

 Sri Lanka go into Champions Trophy as the worst fielding team in the competition. They have been hard at work in Kandy to lift their fielding standards.Picture credit Sameera Pieiris/ The

In cricket, the West Indies thought that they would continue to produce world class players. Natural talent was enough to dominate world cricket they believed. Australia shook them up by using sports science to good effect. Other teams soon took a leaf out of the Aussies’ book by setting up Centres for Excellence and world class cricket academies. It took a while for the West Indies to realize that the times were fast changing and they needed to embrace technology. Despite the brilliance of Brian Lara, West Indies struggled. Since Lara they are no more world class. No Champions Trophy for them and they might even get kicked out from making it to the 2019 World Cup. The price people pay for their arrogance! Read the rest of this entry ?


Windies Guard of Honour for Younis Khan

May 11, 2017

Indian Express News Item ...and A Note from Errol Fernando** of Kandy & Melbourne: On a rain-shortened day Pakistan is 169 for 2.  Holder won the toss and INSERTED on a dull drizzly day. The highlight of the day’s play was Holder and friends giving Younis a Guard of Honour as he arrived at the crease.He responded by giving Holder a gracious handshake and then marked out  his guard. He has made a quiet 10 not out and will resume his innings at midnight Melbourne time. Captain Misbah, the next man in, will then receive HIS guard of honour and hopefully will join Younis at the crease. Pardon me for being a sentimental old duffer, G…, but this stuff GLADDENS my old heart!!

 Younis Khan came out to bat in what could be his last innings for Pakistan on Day 1 of the third Test — PCB Official Twitter;dir=next

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Brian Lara to deliver Cowdrey Lecture in 2017

May 10, 2017

West Indies cricket legend Brian Lara will deliver the 2017 MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture at Lord’s on Monday 4 September.

Lara is set to become the second West Indian to give the Lecture, after Clive Lloyd imparted the keynote address in 2006. Following the speech, a question and answer session with Lara and a selected panel of cricketers, hosted by Mark Nicholas, will discuss topics arising from the Lecture and other cricketing issues.

The MCC Spirit of Cricket Lecture has become a notable feature in the cricketing calendar, provoking debate and discussion on the major issues facing the game today. This year’s Lecture will take place in the week of the Investec Test Match between England and West Indies at Lord’s. Previous speakers at the event include the Most Reverend Dr Desmond Tutu (2008), Kumar Sangakkara (2011) and Sir Ian Botham (2014). The inaugural address was delivered in 2001 by the late Richie Benaud.


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