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A Perennial Cricketing Traveller penetrates India’s Present SAF Series

October 2, 2019

Dannie Byrne

ONE: Arriving in Visakhapatnam and getting a ticket for the match

When my international flight landed in Delhi it was inevitably raining and I had to splash my way through a series of puddles and potholes to reach Terminal 2 and check-in for the next fight to Visakhapatnam. Once the flight was called from Gate 29 a bus was required to ferry us across another series of deep potholes before we were able to climb aboard the relatively small Indigo aircraft. I’d read in the Times of India an article by Aasish Nehra claiming Bumrah’s stress fracture to his lower back had nothing to do with his unorthodox bowling action. There won’t be too many pundits who agree with that but perhaps he’d had one too many Indigo flights leaving from Gate 29. I had to admire the staff working for the airline for their determination to get more rupees out of me. I had the foresight to purchase an additional 5 Kg baggage allowance when buying the ticket. When I checked the bag in at the Etihad desk in London it weighed 17.4 Kg. By the time it reached the scales at Indigo it had put on another 2.4 Kg and now registered 19.8 Kg. Normally I’d be worried about shampoo and other things that can spill being stolen from the unlocked part of my bag to potentially make it lighter. I couldn’t see the staff in Abu Dhabi adding a few extra bricks for a laugh and could only conclude that the scales were deliberately set in a very creative manner at the Indigo counter in Delhi’s Domestic Airport.

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Contingencies, Strikes and Performances at the Colombo Oval

August 28, 2019

Michael Roberts

Contingencies reigned during the Second Test Match at the Colombo Oval between New Zealand and Sri Lanka. Rain was the reigning contingency — surmounted in part by the tremendous work of an army of workers beating tarpaulins and what have you. Watching most of the match live, my thoughts are disjointed and point-form.

BJ Watling  the quiet achiever

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Rohan’s Assesssment of Kumar Sangakkara in May 2019

August 18, 2019

Rohan Wijeyaratna, in Island, 25 May 2019, with the title “The Best is Yet to come”

Men with disciplined minds, set their sights on far loftier goals than others given to average thinking. Such are the virtues that have made Kumar Sangakkara become what he now is. Kumar Sangakkara has played many a fine inning in his time. They have spanned across every notable playing field and every nook and cranny worth knowing on the cricket map. They have stretched across all types of the game – from Tests to ODIs, to the T20s. In each of them, his performances have won him accolades from men of discernment. Be it with bat or lip, he has made his mark. His opponents know only too well how fiendishly difficult it is to match him – be it at play or at his lip and intellect, either singly or in combination.

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An ODE for Harry

August 5, 2019

Harry the “Hassett” as “Harry The Bat”

There once was a wee lad

Named HARRY … incarcerated

In boarding school Aloysius

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Rivetting Edgbaston Test Match from the Seat of Errol’s Pants

August 4, 2019

Errol Fernando to Gavin

THIRD DAY: I have worn out my chair watching this ever-changing and absorbing Test match for 3 days.  I will need to find something to sit on for the next 2 days because with 17 wickets to fall, this match will surely go well into the fifth day. Even the innumerable umpiring errors are fascinating! Do you think you and I would have done a better job,Gavin, and not needed any technology??

Steve Smith has made his point quietly, effectively and stunningly. In  just one match he has gently pushed everyone else aside and announced that he is the best in the world.Kane Williamson would be proud of him. England will have to find a way to get him out otherwise he will make 10 centuries in the series.

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Kumar and Aravinda in Expressive Doubt!!

May 7, 2019

Ishara’s Catch, July 2010

Sri Lankan cricket captain Kumar Sangakkara (R) and chief selector Aravinda de Silva talk at a practice session at The Sinhalese Sports Club Ground in Colombo on July 25, 2010, ahead of the second Test match againstn India scheduled to start July 26. India needs to win at least one of the two remaining Test matches if they are to retain their number one ranking status. Sri Lanka won the first Test at Galle by ten wickets. AFP PHOTO/Ishara S.KODIKARA


Maturing: ESPN reaches 25

January 1, 2019

Original Title: =The A to Z of ESPNcricinfo” …..

This is an updated version of an article originally published to mark ESPNcricinfo’s 20th anniversary in 2013

QUIZ: identify these stars

Cricket’s early amateur spirit was reflected in ESPNcricinfo’s first avatar. Students, in American universities, and also in the UK and Australia, starved of cricket and desperate for scores of matches being played across the world, used Internet Relay Chat to post and search for score updates. After Simon King, a student at the University of Minnesota in the early 1990s, who was the first to realise the value of automated updates, developed the CricInfo bot that would send users a private message every time they asked for scores, several people in various universities volunteered to keep the scorecards updated, later taking the time to add old scorecards, match reports and other information to Cricinfo’s database. Read the rest of this entry ?