A Coruscating Test Match at Kolkata

November 20, 2017

ESPN Commentary team thoughts and other End-of-Day COMMENTS

Phew. What an end to this Test. Lot of time lost to rain. This was effectively a three-day Test. Gosh, give me this day in and day out. More fun than watching your favourite batsmen stack up triple hundreds for fun. That exhibition of swing bowling from India and Lakmal is my moment of 2017. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Until next time, it’s goodbye from me, Shashank Kishore, and Alagappan Muthu. Cheers. Be well, Eden Gardens. Over to you, Jamtha.


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Cricketing Talents that were undermined from Within: Ceylon in the 1960s

November 19, 2017

Michael Roberts

Rex Clementine has done Lankan cricket fans a great favour by reminding us of the 0ccasion when the Ceylon team of yesteryear beat India at Ahmedabad at the tail-end of 1964. He tapped Michael Tissera for the central details. Typically, Michel did not dwell on his bold captaincy and the magnificent gamble of declaring their first innings closed when they had some wickets in hand in order to aim for an Indian batting collapse in their second innings and  to then snatch a win. So it transpired.

Back row: TCT Edward, DP de Silva, Norton Fredrick, Ranjit Fernando, Lareef Idroos

Mid-Row: M. Devaraja, Neil Chnamugam, Mano Ponniah, Darrel Lieversz, Lasantha Rodrigo, Sylvester Dias, Danasiri Weerasinghe

Seated: Stanley Jayasinghe, Abu Fuard, Michael Tissera, HIK Fernando, Anuruddha Polonowita, Nisal Senaratne (Manager)

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Another Sangha torments England

November 19, 2017

Jason Jaskirat Singh Sanghar to be precise accumulated 135 runs for Cricket Australia vs The England side in a practice match at Townsville a day or so back. This was in the second innings when the home side ended with 364 runs for 4 wkts.

Full name Jason Jaskirat Singh Sangha

Born September 8, 1999, Randwick, New South Wales

Current age 18 years 72 days

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When Young Tissera led Ceylon to Victory over India, 1964

November 19, 2017

Rex Clementine, in Sunday Island, 18 November 2017, where the title is Young captains have lot to learn from Michael Tissera
article_image The Ceylon team that beat India in an unofficial Test match in 1964. (Picture credit Darrell Lieversz)

Young cricket captains have got a lot to learn from one of the finest captains produced by the country – Michael Tissera. The exemplary manner in which Tissera carried himself both on and off the field was tremendous. He was only 24 when the captaincy of the Ceylon team was thrusted upon him. Having been thrown to the deep end, his positive approach helped him to come out with flying colours. Read the rest of this entry »


Questions for Armchair Critics at Eden Gardens

November 17, 2017

 Michael Roberts ASKS: does not Lakmal’s beautiful spell in seaming conditions underline the failures of Gamage and Chandimal? 

YES, Lahiru Gamage inserted a few sharp in-dippers without luck, But I wonder why Chandimal did not introduce either Shanaka or Matthews for the 8th and 10th overs? We could go further: seeing the conditions on the day of the match, why did the tour selectors not take a bold step: drop Gamage and choose another batsman? or replace him with the third paceman in the squad: Fernando?

YES the latter are  bold thoughts. Yes, easier after the event and from an armchair. BUT the first suggestion was/is obvious> The thought arose as soon as the 5th/6th over when I saw Gamage’s trajectory and pitch-length. The scenario was/is BEDSER made not TRUEMAN-made.

I would go further. Given the 1eleven on the field, I would have asked Herath to emulate Underwood. Controlled bowling is more effective than that less controlled and too short-pitched. Having witnessed Vanderputt and Nizam open  bowling with slow left-arm in-dippers plus[lus for St. Aloysius in the 1950s, I step forth boldly thus.

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Sri Lanka Cricket Squad is Injury-free!!!

November 16, 2017

Sa’adi Thawfeeq, in Daily News, 16 November 2017,

Injuries have been part and parcel of the Sri Lanka cricket team in recent years contributing largely to the poor standard of fielding. To say that injuries have been eradicated calls for some sort of appreciation. “Everyone is talking about injuries in cricket now finally after about 10-15 years we have zero injuries going into the Indian tour,” Prof. Arjuna de Silva told the Daily News. “Today’s Test series Sri Lanka is going into against India we have zero injuries. There are 42 players in the squad and all of them are available for selection.”

Dr Arjuna de Silva

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Visit Simon Taufel’s Pictorial Displays

November 15, 2017

Muttiah Muralitharan of Sri Lanka takes his cap from umpire Simon Taufel after completing an over

VISIT Simon Taufel Stock Photos and Pictures | Getty Images …..